Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Konnichiwa !

No, I was not back from Japan vacation. I am here doing nothing, waiting for job placement. *Err very sensitive issue to talk about now*

By the way.. it's my first post for 2016! Haha. Luckily i still remember the blogspot password. Duuhh. So many things to share but I forgot how to blog already. Sigh. Quick ones :

1) I cannot run from updating about this strong little man of mine- Hadif Aryan. 2015 was a very tough one for him, and of course for me and MNI as well. But Alhamdulillah, Allah chose us for His own reasons. After series of surgeries, trying out a lot of trial and errors, Alhamdulillah Aryan is back on track. He started going to school again in 2016, 99% recovering that's what I could say for now. Still need close observations especially during this very hot climate. So far we stick to this treatment for his seizures -
  • Homeopathy - treatment with Dr Suryakathun
  • Young Living Essential Oils 
  • Food supplement - honey, habbatussauda, aloe vera gel, kampuchea tea, al-manna
  • No processed food, trying as best as we could to go for all organic including chicken, vege etc. For this reason, our groceries shopping shifted to Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage due to varieties of organic stuff. And yeahhhhh that means lagilah bnyk perbelanjaan nya.
  • Enough rest and sleep

Alhamdulillah, so far these work on him. He is 6 months seizure-free. I pray everyday that he will fully recover and his condition will remain as today if not better. Alhamdulillah his development is progressign well despite of cuti sekolah almost setahun. He now can read Peter Jane books and also Iqra' book 6. MNI tengah struggling to teach him tajwid dengung etc. and we discovered both of us are in need of cikgu tajwid as well. Hekhek.

2) Khalif pun Alhamdulillah baik-baik belaka. The only thing that worries me is budak sorang ni is too clingy, takut orang and tidak pandai bersosial seperti Aryan when he was at this age. Pastilah sebab Khalif duduk dengan bibik all day long. Takde kawan. Kesian dia. So we plan to send him to playschhol starting next year. 3 tahun dah besar juga kan.

3) Work wise, maybe you've already heard that Oil & Gas industry recently got hit by the oil price crisis. Of course everyone in the industry got affected. As for my company, I could not say much - everyone is not certain about their job now. Everything will be answered this Friday after official letters are released. So tunggukan aja.

4) And ohhh, one thing to celebrate is I lost 4kgs this year. Haha. I started Aerodance class end of last year and I am now a gym freak. Hoho. Makan juga tengah berpada-pada. Overall, I just want to live a healthy lifestyle. That's all.

Oklah. itu sahaja setakat ini. Now I feel like rindunya berblogging. Hekhekk. Daaa!

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