Thursday, August 6, 2015

YLEO simple facts

So now at least you know that not all essential oils can be categorized as therapeutic-grade. Some people asked me whether Young Living essential oils are just like aromatherapy oils. The answer is of course no.

Therefore, please ensure any essential oils that you choose is therapeutic grade. And you can expect effective results from the usage. And when you can get essential oils with relatively very very cheap or low price, then you may want to do more research about that oils. To be honest, I do not know about other essential oils, what's the difference as compared to Young Living etc.I did some googling before I decided to use Young Living. And Alhamdulillah diketemukan dengan orang-orang yang memang dah pergi ke ladang-ladang yg memproduce Young Living Essential Oils and they witnessed all the process dengan mata kepala. Dan juga based on testimonial depan mata. So from there aku rasa yakin utk guna. As easy as that. 

And ada juga yg question dah kenapa nak kena apply oils ni di tapak kaki. Bukan main jauh kot nak sampai ke organ and otak! Aku sendiri pun berasa sangat skeptical pada mulanya. I just could not brain why on earth kau nak letak minyak di kaki kalau kau sakit perut atau selsema. Contohnya. Tapi la ni aku dah malas nak fikir. Sebab janji ada kesan, Alhamdulillah. Ada sifu yang kata, kalau you are in doubt mana nak apply the YLEO, just apply saja di tapak kaki. You can never go wrong. Because the oils know where to go. Funny right? Tapi as I said, bila aku buat ada kesan, Alhamdulillah. 

And of course, please use with caution :)

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