Thursday, December 26, 2013

3rd Hypnobirth Class - Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby :)

Class Outline :
UNIT #3: Getting Ready to Welcome your Baby
*Looking at your estimated due date
*Making hospital, home or birthing center plans
*Preparing the Body for Birthing
*Light touch birthing massage
*Birth Stories Videos 5 and 6
*Preparing your birth preferences sheets
*When Baby is Ready
*Avoiding Artificial Induction of Labor
*Your Body Working for You And with You
*Releasing Negative Emotions, Fears and Limiting Thoughts
Hermm tak habes-habes lagi issue unassisted homebirth kat FB. My advice to those condemning AMANI & gentle birthing group tu, please get your facts right. DO NOT rely on Mr Google & FB as your only source of information. Please read relevant books, talk to the experts , go to classes, ask different people with different experience (don't assume ala aku boleh je beranak senang, control pernafasan etc. so apsal mommies lain kepoh sgt nak gentle birth yada..yada..yada), if you can do it easily, it does not mean other people could do it too. Different people will experience it differently. Even setiap anak yang dilahirkan sebagai khalifah pun semuanya lain-lain dari segi perkembangan etc. kan ? Ini kan pulak setiap ibu yang bakal melahirkan. Maka, please respect other people who choose this option. At least, kau kaji selidik, do research, get FAIR & ACCURATE information from both perspectives. Then kau boleh lah kondem secara berilmu
Ini yang ramai masih keliru antara natural birth, gentle birth, hypnobirth, water birth, attended homebirth & unassisted homebirth ----- lepas tu kau punya lah hebat jadik keyboard warriors. Gitu kekdahnya. Typical Malaysian ;p Not saying aku dah cukup ilmu bagai, nope. I am still learning. Classes pun tak habes lagi. Ada few books pun still tak habis baca lagi.  Baru berbincang dengan Obgyn pun baru 2-3 orang Obgyn sahaja. So sama-sama lah belajar ok. Fair enough.
Few take-aways from our 3rd class:
- A lot of mothers sangat freak-out kalau dah sampai EDD, tapi still tak bersalin lagi. It's like 'abnormal' kalau kau terlepas EDD tu. Coming back to the definition itself = EDD ialah Estimated/Expected Delivery Date. So memang kekdahnya date tu estimate sahaja. It can be in the range of 38-42 weeks. Because the EDD is based on your menstrual cycle of 28 days and you conceive on the 14th day. But tak semua org mengalami cycle 28 hari and yakin kah anda, yang kau conceive pada hari ke-14? Tak kan... So kalau katakan dah 40 weeks takde tanda nak melahirkan, tak semestinya kau kena menyerah diri utk kena induce or scheduled C-sect. You can always discuss with the Obgyn utk tunggu up to 42 weeks. The key thing here is - you have the option to request to wait until 42 weeks. Kenalah discuss dgn Obgyn anda.
- Ini ada kena mengena with artificial induction of labor. As I mentioned in previous entry, induction of labor ni ada snow ball effects. Selalunya org akan go for induction because of few reasons - i) passing your EDD ii) air ketuban pecah iii) nak tarikh yang cantik. Ni sebab2 yang general lah. Yang sebab medically neeeded, conditions mommy & baby itu semua kena ada specific discussion with your Obgyn. Macam kes air ketuban pecah ni pun, actually you can still wait, not to induce labour. Tapi kena avoid VE sebab VE itu yang akan menyebabkan infection. Imagine putting fingers / rodok-rodok masa air ketuban dah leaking or pecah, memang akan ada risk of infection. But of course kena discuss dgn your Obgyn.
- And the VE itu pun not necessary to do it every freaking hour. Ini kejap-kejap nurse dtg nak merodok-rodok. Hahaa. Talking about my experience masa 1st delivery dulu lah. It does not matter if I am 2,4,6 cm dilated pun. As long as aku boleh control & manage the pain, breath properly, have freedom to move around, makan & minum for energy, I think dah ok dah. Ni baru nak bernafas and control breathing, dah nak kena VE. Haih lahh. The key thing here is - you have the option to request for minimal VE.
- Mothers' instinct is always right. Trust your body. You don't need a 'pushing team' to ask you to push the baby out. Macam masa deliver Aryan, I knew the baby was crowning & 'the ring of fire' thingy which baby dah nak keluar sgt-sgt. But the nurses semua tak bagi aku push because it was not the 'time' yet. But I knew it- knew it- knew it for sure baby was about to come out. There you go the 'terpancut' story. Haaha. Poor Aryan. So let your body working for & with you.
- Kena prepare your body for a gentle birth. Exercise for stamina, eat right yada..yada..yada.. Aaah I am pretty sure all mothers know it. Rajin buat kegel exercise to tone up muscles kat situ, and also perineal massage helps a lot to make your otot-otot elastic. And oh gym ball also helps a lot to make you sit upright & leaning forward position. And also selalu basuh toilet so that you squat a lot :) Teehehe. And oh ini juga bagus utk mengelakkan episiotomy.
- Birth plan is an option so that the doctor and nurses know what your preferences are. Be specific, keep it short & sweet :) It is not to tell the doctor & nurses of what you want or do not want, it is more of telling them your preferences. Contoh, jikalau perkara ini berlaku, I would prefer option A, then B followed by C. Tapi takyah lah kau letak option A sampai Z kan. Jenuh plak diorang nak baca birth plan kau. Most importantly is the discussion between you & your Obgyn on the birth plan. Kalau kau tulis on scented paper, printed and laminated pun, but no discussion behind that ; hermm tak guna juga khen..
Apa yang aku faham ialah option-option yang kita ada sebagai ibu yang bakal melahirkan. Bukan kita ni against the doctors or to say NO to all medical technology & procedures. Tidak sama sekali. Just to make ourselves understand yang bukan setiap medical routine itu necessary (sebab they are all routines, so kalau kita tak buat jadik bersalah atau abnormal plak ?) and we have the option to seek for minimal medical interventions. Of cos ibu-ibu kena lah buat homework jugak - practise a lot of breathing, avoiding fear & negative thoughts, jaga makan & stamina, yada..yada..yada and the list goes on. Baru lah win-win situation katanya.
Ok lah. Lapaa weh. Tata

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