Friday, December 20, 2013

2nd Hypnobirth Class - Falling in Love with Your Baby/Preparing Mind & Body

These are the class outline in the second class:

*HypnoBirthing® Stories - 3 and 4
*Prenatal Bonding Techniques
*Relaxation and Visualization for birthing
*Rapid and instant relaxation techniques
*Breathing techniques for birthing
*Progressive, Instant, and Deepening Techniques
*Hypnotic Relaxation and Visualizations

Few take-aways from this session :

  1. Pre-natal bonding techniques can be in so many forms. Normally parents/parents-to-be just talk to their babies, massage-massage perut and thats it. Itu pun selalunya berlaku utk first baby only. (talking about diri sendiri ;p). Second baby selalunya dah tak buat dah pre-natal bonding ni. The most important thing which mothers need to take care of is her emotion! Why? Because the type of hormones (which depends on the emotion) itu akan directly pergi pada baby. So if the mothers always in depression, moody tak tentu pasal, then dont be surprise kalau baby pun akan macam itu juga.
  2. Relaxation is a technique. Not everyone can achieve this stage. The KEY SECRET here is PRACTISE! Macam aku ni, memang lah sgt susah nak sampai stage mind yang btul-btul relax. Kejap fikir Aryan, kejap fikir kerja-kerja rumah, tu belum masuk kerja-kerja office lagi. So I have to practise with the Rainbow CD tu every single day (which I haven't started yet ;p ) Hopefully sempat lah master this technique before delivery.
  3. 3 types of breathing : - calm breathing, surge breathing & birth breathing. All three are of different techniques. And again, the key thing is PRACTISE!
  4. Ada some mothers achieve orgasm birthing. Instead of interpreting birth as something painfull and full of fear, they imagine birth as pleasure. And that answers the 'sound' they make during labour. Haha.
  5. Light torch massage by husband/birth companion during labour is really helpful! The massage is not the kind yg picit-picit sakit tu. Nope. It is a very light one, using fingernails only. Ini just to trigger the hormone beneath the skin to release endorphin which is our natural pain killer. MasyaAllah.
  6. To start positioning your baby earliest possible. Bukan maksudnya kau tolak baby tu supaya turun ke bawah, but what you do, at what position do you sleep etc. All this will affect the baby's position. the heaviest part of a baby is the head. So kalau kita selalu sit upright and leaning forward, selalu squatting, sleep on your side (preferably on the left side sebab akan bnyk oxygen sampai kepada baby), do the polar bear position, and for Muslims, do a lot of sujud (read: solat sunat bnyk-bnyk). Babies nowadays kebanyakan berada dalam position head down posterior instead of anterior. Sebab lifestyle kita ni yang asyik duduk menyandar.

Perkara-perkara di atas ni sounds very basic like every mothers would know about it. But aku tak boleh nak practise pun dulu time Aryan. Maybe sebab malas, takde kesedaran, so ignorant, tak kisah pun kalau kena induce c-sect etc. Now I am very positive yang all of these things are techniques which we need to learn and practise. Bukan just baca-baca then tadaa nak beranak withour fear and pain. Haa you are right ;p

Oklah can 't wait for the 3rd class. Blajar buat birth plan and by next visit to see Dr Idora, I should have passed and discussed my birth plan itu, InsyaAllah.

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