Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Off Implanol

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I bumped into my high school senior's status on FB who just gave birth to her 2nd baby - naturally ! Read my point there. Naturally.It means painkiller free, giving birth at your most comfortable position, not being offered for any drugs unless requested and whatever you wish to have in your birth plan list. And the most important fact here is - gentle birth. Takdo kau memekak macam org histeria dalam labor room. Giving birth is such a beautiful process, so mothers, we need to embrace that beautiful moment. Dan yang paling penting, experience bersalin itu tidak akan membuat kita berka - " My God, next baby will be in 5 years time. Sebab sakit gila beranak ni". Yes, that was my mistake. Dulu pun aku cakap macam tu sebab aku rasa beranak ni adalah satu proses yg amat menakutkan, menyakitkan dan mengerikan.

Which is not. But kita kena tahu caranya, equip ourselves with the correct knowledge mentally & physicallly. Ceh cakap macam kemain senang kan . Ketika ni dah terbayang mcm mana meroyannya aku tahan sakit masa deliver Aryan. Ouch !

Actually dah ada community in Malaysia yang support gentle birthing. Read here.

Eh actually aku nak cerita pasal benda lain but so teruja dengan gentle birth ni. Or some people call it hypno birth. I hope I can do it for my next baby (ies) inshaAllah.

Talking about next baby, we think it's time for a 2nd one :) Jgn la kata aku teruja baca pasal senior aku tu bersalin dan terus rasa nak peknen kan. Alahai. Actually the plan is to give birth for 2nd one when Aryan turns 3 and before 4 years old. So it's about time already, therefore we decided to take the implanon off. I already made an appoitment with the gynae tomorrow. Wish me luck wehhh because I read a lot of horror stories how sakit it is to take that batang implanon off. Not only that, the side effects also so menakotkan. Sometimes I think lagi bagus aku tak gatal tangan pegi google pengalaman org-org lain. Sebab there are mixed of stories - the takot and the normal ones. But of course the takot ones will freak you out. And kau dah tak igt dah pengalaman2 org lain yg best best itu. The key here is different bodies have different reactions. Tak boleh nak samakan setiap individu itu dengan individu lain.

Please pray everything goes well. And kami dimurahkan rezeki utk menambah seorang lagi khalifah di muka bumiMu ini. Ameen.

Will update on my first ever experience to take this batang implanon off later k.

Here are the procedures that I need to go through tomorrow InshaAllah. Source:

Step 1. Clean the site where the incision will be made and apply an antiseptic. Locate the implant by palpation and mark the distal end (end closest to the elbow), for example, with a sterile marker.

Step 2. Anesthetize the arm, for example, with 0.5 to 1 mL 1% lidocaine at the marked site where the incision will be made.Be sure to inject the local anesthetic under the implant to keep it close to the skin surface.

 Step 3. Push down the proximal end of the implant to stabilize it; a bulge may appear indicating the distal end of the implant. Starting at the distal tip of the implant, make a longitudinal incision of 2 mm towards the elbow.

 Step 4. Gently push the implant towards the incision until the tip is visible. Grasp the implant with forceps (preferably curved mosquito forceps) and gently remove the implant 

 Step 5. If the implant is encapsulated, make an incision into the tissue sheath and then remove the implant with the forceps.

 Step 6. If the tip of the implant does not become visible in the incision, gently insert a forceps into the incision .Flip the forceps over into your other hand.

Step 7. With a second pair of forceps carefully dissect the tissue around the implant and grasp the implant.The implant can then be removed.

Step 8. Confirm that the entire implant, which is 4 cm long, has been removed by measuring its length. If a partial implant (less than 4 cm) is removed, the remaining piece should be removed by following the instructions in section 2.3. If the woman would like to continue using Implanon, a new implant may be inserted immediately after the old implant is removed using the same incision .
Step 9. After removing the implant, close the incision with a steri-strip and apply an adhesive bandage.
Step 10. Apply a pressure bandage with sterile gauze to minimize bruising. The woman may remove the pressure bandage in 24 hours and the small bandage in 3 to 5 days.

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