Saturday, December 22, 2012

Somebody is over excited !

A grown up boy in his school uniform ! So excited to go to school. Hehehe. We enrolled him to a playschool program btw. Not really a school lah kan, kesian dia baru 2 tahun dah kena pegi 'skola'. He even has to attend the orientation week to familiarise with the new environment. So cute I think; an orientation for a 2 yrs old toddler? Gaahaa.

Will update more nanti especially about his first day at school. Neways I did quite a lot of research jugak on which school to send him. And we end up sending him to BBiM Wangsa Maju. And kalau anytime feel like pindan Nilai Impian completely, we can simply change to Nilai Impian campus. Depa baru bukak campus kat sana. Hopefully semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar. Amen.

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