Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Tomorrow is our 3rd anniversary. Whee!

Gugel kemain lagik. Tetengok esok tebongkang je kat umah, spending quality time while watching movies at home. Not a bad idea eh. Tapi the theme for 3rd anniversary gift is leather. Syok meh. Leather Prada sounds more awesome. Kehkehkeh ;p
The 3rd wedding anniversary is often when a couple is aware of their durability of their relationship. That is why leather is the traditional gift for this celebration. Here are some third wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your 3rd marriage anniversary.
3rd Anniversary Traditional Gift:
Leather. As a material, leather is durable, warm, strong, flexible, and has a sense of resilency to it. These are qualities that help marriages continue to thrive.
3rd Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:
Crystal. Crystal can dazzle with its beauty and the way light dances off the multifaceted surface. It is a gentle reminder of how a couple in a meaningful marriage can touch the lives of others.
3rd Anniversary Gemstone:
Pearl or Jade
3rd Anniversary Color:
White or Jade Green

3rd Anniversary Flower:
Fuchsia. The flower meaning of a fuchsia is taste.

Ways to Celebrate Your 3rd Anniversary:
  • Since leather is the traditional gift for this anniversary, consider plan a western themed evening together and listen to country love songs.
  • Plan a movie night and watch your wedding video.
  • Get tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. to attend together.
Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 3rd Anniversary:
  • Put together a gift basket that has a variety of Fuchsia plants, along with a pair of leather garden gloves, and a coupon on jade green paper stating your willingness to help get the small plants in the soil.

Past sentence : let's see what happens tomorrow ;p


Hasnah said...

suggestion for 3rd anni sgt awesome! and romantic! bg kasut leather converse aci jugak kenn. hahaha =D

Anyway, Happy 3rd anniversary! =]

crystalmerah said...

Thanks Asna :) Heheee

Weda said...

Happy anniversary to u and hubs! Our anni was yesterday 4/12. Hehe