Saturday, September 8, 2012

Walk-in closet

Anyone of you who owns a walk-in clost ? Lucky u, and i am definitely so jealous about it !

Hey you know that saying yang wanita adalah pen-cakap terhebat. It's like when you are talking to a woman, you will never win the argument. Very true in marriage, they say. And I always win argument with MNI too. But this one time, I failed.

I am desperately wanting a walk-in wardrobe. Sejak sebelum berkahwin, selepas berkahwin and the dream was about to be achieved when we decided to own a landed property. A dream becomes reality, haa cenggitu lah perasaannya if I were to describe.

Unfortunately, when we got the house key and stepped into the master bed room, pecah hatiku because the master bed room is way too small. Actually MNI had already warned me about the size. He showed me the house plan, measurement and whatnots but you know how woman reads all these things aite. I was like hoping for bulan jatuh ke riba lah sebenarnya selama ini. Fine.

So I told him, why don't you we pecah the other room (supposed to be Aryan's room), and connect it to the master bed room. So I can have my very own walk-in closet.
The answer is NO. Because we don't intent to pecah-pecah or extent house for this 1st phase renovation. No budget maaa.

Ok if that's not the case. Plan B is to renovate that room into my walk-in closet ! No pecah-pecah, no connection to master bedroom, I dont mind because it is just one step away from the master room. As simple as that.
The answer is also NO. Because we want Aryan to be close to the master bed room. Kalau bilik itu jadik walk-in closet, Aryan's room will be at the opposite side. And I also don't want my walk-in closet to be so jauh from master bedroom. What , u think i want to run naked ,crossing the family hall from master bed room to walk-in closet every time ahh? Itu bukan walk-in closet namanya hokeei. Please lah. Sedih tau.

So solution dia is to wait for our second phase renovation. Which only God knows bilakah masanya. The plan is to have a totally new master bedroom which is big enough to occupy my dream walk-in closet.

Buat masa sekarang, hanya mampu teruskan berangan. And of course simpan duet utk 2nd phase renovation. Maybe extent rumah supaya menjadik double the size. Heehe. Amen. Eh seriously ok, the current build-up of Wayansari is super small. It's like 2200ft2 kot? Around that lah. But the total area is 5000+ft2. We actually have another 3000ft2 tanah utk buat rumah. No, I kid you not. This is serious. That house is meant to be renovated. Depa bagi semi-D kecik so harga murah la sikit khenn. But they give you tanah super besar, so bila kau banyak duet kau extent la rumah itu sehabes-habesan.

oh mann i can imagine myself duduk dalam walk-in closet pilih kasut
itu match dengan handbag ini. oh oh.

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