Friday, October 28, 2011

Dah tak macam makcik2 lagi !

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Well, I've been complaining a lot being a makcik2 who brings 2-3-4 bags to the office. Mind ya, they are all HUGE bags. One is my handbag of course, contains bengbarang basics i.e purse, handphone, makeups and yada yada yada. Another one is my document bag. Konon pekerja contoh la kau bawak document balik rumah? And the 3rd one is my Medela Freestyle bag. Being a juice-machine ain't easy I tell you. I need to bring that bag where ever I go. Balik kampung, holiday in fact sometime pegi shopping pun I have to drag that bag along.

I've been looking for a back-pack which is small, cute and can ease my pumping session. I hate the default Medela freestyle bag because kena gantung kat bahu sama macam hanbag. So kena gantung hanbag belah kiri, gantung Medela belah kanan. Homai I look so makcik makcik.

Sampailah that one day, I saw this one mother was carrying satu bag ni. Cun melecuns ok, siap ada handle kalau takmo bawak as back-pack.Terus aku tanya mana dia beli, and walla- petang tu aku dah tepacak depan kedai sambil menegndong bacg baru dengan senyuman melebar. No more makcik makcik look !

Me so likey likey ! It's Pro Mom Bag by Mom's Little One.
It's spacious that can fit double electric pumps macam Medela Pump In Style, Spectra etc. Padahal aku pakai freestle yg cinoet tu apa ada kes nak pakai bag cenggini kan. Tapi I really like the idea of tak payah kuarkan pump, just bukak zip yg kat bawah tu di mana itu adalah ruangan meletak pump. Some other features and benefits:

  • Roomy and stylish back pack bag (black colour) in a durable, stain-resistant nylon provides plenty of space for all the essentials
  • Adjustable strap for customized drop length, special handle for hand carry option (new & improved version) - made of breathable, patented material
  • Completely removable internal parts, so the bag can be used long after mom is done pumping. It can be turned into a handy office bag to put your notebook, files etc OR a mummy bag when travelling with baby!
  • Small access at the back of the bag for the Spectra 7 and 3 plug to attach to a power point (no need to take out your spectra pumps and pump straight from the bag!)SAVES you precious time!
  • Removable work surface/hygiene mat provides a clean surface for mom to work with

And you can get it at only RM150. I think it's a good buy :)

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