Sunday, July 31, 2011


Salam ramadhan all ;)

A lot of things nak membebel but am busy buat keja rumah utk prepare Ramadhan. Kemas rumah (motip? takut tak sempat kemas raya utk raya ;p ), groceries shopping, masak sahur yada yada yada. But i enjoy doing it ;)
Just nak post on kereta untuk dijual. Photo and details as follow.

Model : Honda Jazz IDSI
Year : 2008
Colour : Pure White
Current milage : ~ 65000 Km
Accessories : Spoiler, skirting, sport rim 15'
User : Lady driver who is super fussy on tidiness and any calar-balar etc.
Condition : Accident-free
Reason of selling : To use only 1 car in the family.
Price : RM 65 K 

Please email to if interested or if you need more info. For serious buyer only.

Thanks !

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