Tuesday, December 28, 2010


= 72

Oh my !!! That's my weight after 37 weeks preggie. Urrghh macam nak pengsan tengok itu weight scale tadi. Oh yes, I went to my 37-week check up this afternoon.

Macam mana nih? That is 20 kg of weight gain man. How on earth do I shed that extra kilos later meh? Boleh keeeeee. Ai tertekan. Pulak tu, the baby gained only about 200gm from the last check-up, tapi apa ke hal mommy nya boleh naik sampai 3 kg? Last check-up I wasa 68.6 kg, tadi tghr 72 kg. Oh oh. I read somewhere, supposedly my weight gain ranges between 13-16kg sahaja. Max 16 kggg hokeii!

Aduhai. Please baby, when u come out nanti, bawalah sekali extra-extra kilo mommy ini. Mommy is so freak out sekarang ini. Ke kena start save bajet utk gi Slim World later? :p


Siti said...

hehe..never mind..ibu sihat, baby pun sihat juge..

don't worry, the weight will lose itself once u delivered..

but, if u failed to do it so, can still wear Premium Beautiful Corset in your confinement...proven already..hehehe..terpromote plak..

if u interested call me k..019 2380976 (ct)

enjoy the last week of your pregnancy before the baby poops out!! =)

Siti said...