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When Love Begin, So can Protection & Education!

Salam Aidiladha y'all. Still dalam mood makan sup tulang kah? Lalalala~ My AidilAdha rasanya habes dalam keta sahaja. What a tring travelling day, yet sangat happy dapat berjumpa para chenta hatiku. The journey went KL-KLIA-JOHOR-MELAKA-KL. And berehat di rumah hari ini, esok kerja then after kerja akan zass balik Melaka again. We gonna have kenduri doa selamat kecil-kecilan on this Saturday sempena ai dah 31 weeks pregnant ini. Hopefully segalanya akan berjalan lancar dan selamat, insyaAllah.

Today I wanna share on perkara penting yang maybe ramai para ibu mengandung tak berapa aware, or kalau aware pun, kebanyakan kita just being ignorant. I used to be one of this kinda people jugak. Hoh. But after I miscarried my first baby, terus ada kesedaran betapa pentingnya protection plan & savings untuk anak-anak kita yang coommell itu. That is why I dah insured my 2nd baby ni since he was 20 weeks dalam tummy bulatku ini. 

For those yang tak aware langsung, wujud ya protection yang cover baby since dalam kandungan. Then terus cover sampai anak itu meningkat remaja, dewasa and sampai lah umur dia 100 tahun. And paling penting, protection plan ni temasuk jugak plan simpanan utk anak2 kita tuh. Means by umur dia 20 tahun, insyaAllah simpanan yg ada dah cukup utk tanggung education dia nanti. Eiii education cost is increasing every year k. Katekan skrang ni RM200K bleh hantar anak gi Aussie yo, dalam 20 years, RM200K tu agaknye bleh blaja local jah. Realiti kehidupan lah tu kan. (And aku pun kalau boleh, takmo anak2 terikat dengan biasiswa sebab nanti jadik macam aku ni haaaa, terikat tgn kaki dan kepala, takleh move on pegi kompeni lain. Ohhhhhh kesian saya)

Well, utk bacaan lanjut, bleh la baca info kat bawah ni k. If ada yang tiba-tiba ada kesedaran akan kepentingan protection & savings plan ni and berminat utk bincang lebih lanjut, bleh la email me at, or tinggalkan email korang ye, atau email to Tak salah if kita berkongsi ilmu & pengalaman. Ehh paper hari ni kata , plan PRUmy child ni dah terjual 52juta hokei.Alhamdulillah, dah ramai orang aware tentang kepentingan plan ni.

PRUmy child is the 1st Insurance / Savings Plan in Malaysia that provides protection to a foetus as well as the pregnant mother . If you have children under the age of 18, you can also buy this plan for them for lifelong complete protection and guaranteed education savings.

# A complete protection for every stage of your child's life even before birth 

# Additional protection for parents to ensure their child will continue to enjoy uninterrupted protection and benefits should any unfortunate events happen to either parent.

# Planting a seed towards secure education funds for the child.

ALSO FIRST IN MALAYSIA to cover Pregnancy Complications!

We Can also cover 9 Child Specified Illnesses (PRUessential child rider):
  • Glomerulonephritis with Nephrotic Syndrome
  • Sever Asthma
  • Sever Epilepsy
  • Leukemia
  • Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus
  • Rheumatic Fever with Valvular Impariment
  • Kawasaki Disease with Heart Complications
  • Severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Intellectual Impairment due to illness or accident
Why purchase PRUmy Child ?
Pregnancy complications have been steadily increasing with nearly 1 out of 2 women experiencing pregnancy complications.(Source ministry of health, malaysia)

Also the incidence of congenitial illness amongst children with complications is fairly sizeable at 18.5%

Most insurance companies do not offer insurance cover to a foetus. Even if you wanted to cover a newborn you have to wait till they are 2 weeks old. This leaves a period where your child cannot be insured.

PRUmy child allows you to cover your child while they are still in your womb as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy.
Additionally, PRUmy child offers added protection to you and/or your husband should anything happen to you. This help guarantees your child future education and needs.

Summary of Prudential Benefits:
  • Buy PRUmy child and attach it with full range of benefits/riders before birth
  • Upon birth, no re-underwriting required *
  • Even if the child is born with abnormalities, he/she will still have full insurance protection, if the cover is purchased before the birth of the child **
* Provided no increase in benefits after child birth
** Subject to terms and conditions in policy documents
For a free quotation please email us at

Benefits of PRUmy child

PRUmy child offers a comprehensive protection package that begins before birth for pregnancy, infant coverage, child health, and child education.

The benefits of PRUmy child include:

  • Medical card - pays for hospitalization bills 
  • Hospital allowance - pays a cash allowance for each day the child is hospitalized 
  • Accidental death and disablement - pays a lump sum for accident that causes death or disability 
  • Accident medical reimbursement - pays back the cost for clinical bills due to accidents 
  • 36 critical illnesses covered - pays lump sum if child is diagnosed with any critical illnesses and also makes the policy free of charge until age 100 
  • Death coverage - pays nominee the death benefit 
  • Family protection - makes the policy free of charge if the parent is diagnosed with critical illnesses, death, or permanent disability 
  • Education fund - savings for the child education, can be withdrawn anytime 
Email us at  for a FREE quotation today!

WHO Can Buy This Benefit?

  • You can take up this plan for your unborn child as early as 18 weeks into your pregnancy of for your child who is between 1-18 years of age on his next birthday. 
  •  Pregnant ladies between 18 to 45 years old next birthday
Besides covering the health of the mother and child, PRUmy child can also include savings for your child’s education as well parent’s protection.

Read further for more info or email to request for a FREE quotation. 

For more info, you are welcome to visit

How to request a quotation ?

To request for a detailed free quotation, please fill up the following information and send it to

  • Name :
  • Age (include wife age too if for pregnancy coverage) :
  • State:
  • Contact Number:
  •  Occupation:
  • How many children you currently have :
  • Is your wife currently pregnant : yes/no
  • If yes : When is the expected delivery date ?
  • If no : How old is your child ?
  • What do you need PRUmy Child to cover ?
                    i) Pregnancy Coverage : yes/no
                   ii) Medial Coverage : yes/no
                  iii) Parents protection : yes/no
                  iv) Education savings : yes/no

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