Sunday, February 7, 2010


People, my henna is getting shorter (or how do u describe it eh, less, menghilang or whatever it is lah)..And hell, I sudennly feel sad. Gedik kan, like kau da basi sebagai pengantin baru, lagi nak sedih-sedih. Kikiki. But I bet others who are only 2 months in marriage life would feel exactly the same. Kannn?

It's just a wonderful feeling of being raja sehari. You feel blessed and pretty. Heeeh.

And that reminds me to night before I turned wife, the BFFs arranged a not-so-surprised party, because I got to know it so much earlier. Eh korang suma tade talent ok nak sorok-sorok benda. Especially from me yang sungguh paparazzi ini ! But I was impressed with their effort ya. The ballons, invitation cards, the kinky cupcakes, and of course their PRESSY. Ouuh I like it to bits. All the way from KL (infact some of them are from Perlis & Penang) to JB, and nak surprisekan aku. Kehkhe. AKu pun ala-ala 'ohh surprise nya !! ' Padehal dah tau punnnnn. Hiks.

Anyways, you guys rock. I luv u all :)

Im in swot vac mode. Have to study just like in university years. Darn im hating it but harus merajinkan diri. Grrrr. February ialah bulan tertekan because of close out project, assesment, review bla..bla..bla..and the not ending tasks of course. I want February to go quick, but I dont want April to come. Sebab MNI and I will start out long distance marriage. Ahh I dont know how do i handle it later, but im pretty sure im not that strong.How ehhhh? Kalau lah kami ada harta yang banyak, pasti dah baya bond dengan kompeni and larikkk hantar resume ke kompeni lain. Urghh it suxs big time when I start to think about it. Kerana itulah aku pura-pura busy dan tidah mahu berfikir perkara itu.

But how far can I run from reality kan?


nad said...

i top up my inai..:P

fara said...

i pn rase cmtu jgk.. klo bkn sbb bond, mmg dh lariiikkk cr keje lain, yg boleh dok dkt2 ngn hasben :( ohhh lmbtnye lg 4thn :|

crystalmerah said...

Fara: Knape 4 tahun yeh?? U nak larikk kaa? Then I have to wait for another 8 years lah.Oohhhh merana!

emeer said...

siott je..tahu ko dah tahu..hampess but thannks buat2 surprise..huru hara sket..byk brg tinggai...