Sunday, August 9, 2009


To all diet-freaks, I bet this alien is so familiar to you. I used to rely so much on this artificial sweetener before, but I realized that they are not healthy for the body. There are so many opinions on the pros and cons of this fella, and being the regular user, I would say they do give bad impacts.


Kepada yang tak pernah kesah on how much sugar that you consume everyday, this might not bother you at all. Aku cukup jeles dengan mereka yang tak penah amik tau pun pasal health, diet, regular exercise and all those benda-yang- aku-malas-nak-fikir-but-kena-jugak-fikir; but they stay solid and slim. But from my experience, mereka ini akan tergolong dalam kalangan orang yang high in cholestrol. Sebab tidak pernah control apa yang masuk dalam perut mereka.

If you know Equal, the rest of other brands may also be familiar to you - Splenda, NutraSweet, Spoonful etc. They have the same role; as an artificial sweetener. They taste like sugar, but they are actually not. They can be hundred times sweeter than sugar. But the best thing, their calories are almost negligible. Unlike real sugar that contains at least 30KCal for every teaspoon. Just imagine how much calorie you would consume in average , kalau 1 cup of coffee letak 2 sudu gula. Then if 5 cups of coffee? You do the calculation. And if you are a carbonated-drink person? Its even worse.

Even though aspartame (the ingredient of the sweetener) had been approved by the FDA 10 tahun sebelum kelahiran aku, there are still a lot of controversies on its usage. Kesan-kesan ringan yang boleh dapat ialah seperti headache/ migrain, dizziness, numbness, susah bernafas, cepat letih, loss of taste, sakit sendi and even worse, it can cause you a memory loss. And if we list down the chronic illness that could be triggered by aspartame, it really freak me out. Just imagine, because of this normal-powder-look thingy, you are at risk of having brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, parkinson's disease, alzheimer's, mental retardation, lymphoma, birth defects, fibromyalgia, and diabetes. And oh, dont ask me what these jargons are sebab aku copy suma nama-nama penyakit ni dari apa aku baca. Aku just tahu all these penyakit ialah merbahaya.

Back then, I always had this tiny packet in my handbag. If I were to eat out, I'd ordered for drinks without sugar and later on I would add this sweetener. Betapa aku sangat berdisiplin utk tidak mengambil gula dalam khidupan seharian. BUT IT WAS BACK THEN. Sekarang aku bantai je suma minuman. (Eh u know what, one of reason org diet cam nak mati tapi tak jugak kurus2 ialah sebab selalu minum manis manis. I think I am one of them lah. Tapi aku tak minum carbonated drinks. Hermm)

Past Sentence: Lagi 4 months before our big day. I start to feel nervous. Ouch.

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alin said...

aku tak pernah amik mende ni,sebab mcm chemical kan.

adekah itu punca aku tak kurus2?