Thursday, June 25, 2009


years old..

How does it feel when you were stuck in a meeting room the whole day on your birthday?

How does it feel when people you always have thought are close to you turned out to forget your birthday?

How does it feel when you actually know people who have you in their minds; wishing you a happy birthday?

And how does it feel, when you receive something that really made your birthday wonderful and full with rainbow and butterflies?

At least for me, even I was stuck from 8am to 4pm in a meeting room; even the people i never thought will forget my birthday did actually forget it...oh all this did not bother me at all.

Because after all, I have others who actually care, who made my day a colourful one :)

Thanks all for the birthday texts, birthday calls and whatever medium u've used to wish me a happy birthday. May you always be blessed.

And the most important thing, I thank God for still giving me the opportunity to breath in this wonderful land :)

And oh..u know what i got from En MNI? Aaaa, he really made my day oke! Muah muah muah me loves you so much syg!



A brand new Sony wearable walkman! Its 2GB kind of usb cenggitu. Totally wire free, compact, lightweight, easy to carry, wear and use, Jog dial operation, funky and a perfect one for an active lifestlye - kalau pegi jogging ke, naik treadmill ke, nak lompat-lompat ke. Its just perfect!                                                                                                                                  (The fact that aku selalu pakai En MNI nye MP3 player pegi gym, pastu buat harta sendiri takmo pulangkan pada dia, sebab tu lah dia bagi aku bendaalah gadget ini. lalala)

And its just not that, ada one more thing that he gave me which makes me melt macam air batu campur. Hiks. Taadaa..


Dalam kotak ni. Tapi tak boleh bgth. Biarlah menjadi rahsia between us. Hehe. Takkan suma nak reveal kan. Lalalala~ :D

Thanks syg for the present(s). Buat sy semakin syg ni. Muaahx :D Aiyo am really in deep love. Tak terdescribe with any word. Rasa tak butterfly dalam perut nih? (Other readers, u can puke ur stomach out if u want. Hiks)

Past sentence: Kalau korang nak something kan, pinjamlah sesuatu dari bf atau tunang atau husband korang. Pastu jadikkan harta sendiri. Nanti konfem dia belikan baru yang harus lagi best because he knows we are in need of it. Good tips kan? :p


dila said...

mmg syg gile la ko kat mr MNI ko tuh kan,,

crystalmerah said...

Dil : wink wink . lalalala~

Naddie Anuar said...

Cik Erin. Happy belated 25th bessday!! :)

crystalmerah said...

Nadd : thanks :D

harni said...

aku teringat nk wish tp terbusy dating plak.. hehe.. Anyway happy belated birthday!! aih muda lg budak nih.. haha

wei setakat tunjuk kotak toksah aaaaaa..sepp aarr.. hehe.. ade pe wei dlm tu? set lingerie ke? hahahha

crystalmerah said...

Harni: tauu dahh. datingggg je kan. hiks. thanks neway :) aku mmg muda laie pun.huahuhau.
Hahah kotak sudeh. lelebih tak dapat jek. hahha:P

alin said...

happy belated birthday erin!

ngader2 ar takmo tunjuk lak pe die dlm kotak tuh,ala2 18sx betol haha

crystalmerah said...

Alin: Thanks Alin ! :) Haruslah ala-ala 18sx. kuakuakuaka :P