Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am so into this wedding dress. Can you see how perfect it is? The cutting is just fabulous and the fabric is awesome!

Sila lah lihat ini and I bet u gonna agree with me ya?


Dan harus aku kena debik ngan mama, atok nenek, pakcik makcik dan of course En MNI serta bakal m.i.l. Hoho. Bagaimanakah?

Alaa tapi chantek gila kan dress ini? Urghh I am soo into fabric yang heavy and jatuh bila dipakai. Tak gemar plak aku dress kembang-kembang or so sarat with beads and whatots. That's why I opt for border chiffon for our solemnization nanti. Kan selalu org pakai beads bagai semasa nikah, but aku rasa I'll go for a simple one :)

We haven't choose our wedding dress and segala persalinan bagai. So masih ada masa untuk mintak Adli Bridal buat dress seperti ini, but make it a bit decent in a way orang taman boleh menerimanya. Hahaa ya itulah nya sebab wedding nanti adalah di rumah. Maka kena mengambil kira persekitaran bagai. Macam mana pun, aku nak jugak dress yang kain dia sleek begitu. And tidak kembang and fit just nicely to my short, heavy figure ??! (argh sempat tak kurus nih. Daymn) 

Btw, choosing the right wedding dress will help us to create a certain look. Choosing the wrong style will make you lookcompletely wrong! Some pointers that might help:

A short, heavy figure: To look taller and slimmer, avoid knit fabrics. Use the princess or A-line style wedding dress. Chiffon is the best fabric choice because it produces a floating effect and camouflages weight.

A short, thin figure: A shirtwaist or natural waist wedding dress style with bouffant skirt will produce a taller, more rounded figure.Chiffon, velvet, lace and Schiffli net are probably the best fabric choices.

A tall, heavy figure: A Princess or A-line wedding dress is the best styles for slimming the figure; satin, chiffon and lace fabrics are recommended.

A tall, thin figure: Tiers or flounces will help reduce the impression of height. A shirtwaist or natural waist style with a full skirt are ideal choices for your wedding dress. Satin and lace are often the best fabrics.

It is of absolute importance that you take these factors seriously. Choosing the incorrect dress style will not help you to look your absolute best. It would be a good idea to discuss all these points with the person who is going to be making your dress, or one of the people who works at the shop you will be purchasing your dress from.

Here are some other simple, but vital rules to follow:

  • Don't wear a halterneck if you have broad shoulders as it will only accentuate them.

  • Don't even think about a strapless number if you have large breasts - you'll be forever pulling it up and it'll look top heavy.

  • If you've got a tiny waist and big hips, a tight bodice will look great as long as the skirt is floor-length and A-line. Choose a heavy material that won't hug your hips

  • If in doubt, keep it simple and classic, particularly if you're petite. A drop-waist style will make you look taller than you are

  • If you're on the tall side, avoid anything too fitted and long. A just-under-the-knee length or two-piece outfit will disguise your height. 

Sekian utk kali ini. Daa~


cintajuliet said...

eit. xsure bape lame xvisit entri best ni. berwajah baru. saya suke. simple tp nice. hee. dan..hari kawen semakin near.weeeeuw..

crystalmerah said...

CIntaJuliet: Sy suka juga simple. But I am not a fan of green. No choice ini saje yg terkenan di hati.
Lalalla semakin hampir. yeayy. Nerves tapi.

sArR said...

i love the dress tooo!!!! sangat cantik! tapi memang confirm tak lepas la kan kalau nak pakaiii

crystalmerah said...

Sarr: I know i know! Memang confirm i kena pangkah lepas itu. Hiks hiks.