Wednesday, March 25, 2009


very much..

Of course its exciting , thinking that Im gonna be at a totally different working environment, and of course new friends new this and that. But aku akan tetap merindui kehidupan sekarang. Im so used having all these people around, walaupun mereka ini kadangkala bermcam ragam keletah dan perangai, they always make my life meaningful. If not, mati kutu aku kat office tu beb. Seriously!

And yesterday we got to gather and chit chat and makan besama. Aku tak masak, sebab aku sebagai tetamu. Hooh :)

Im gonna miss makan kerepek ketika lapar..

Im gonna miss lunch di Pelita..

Im gonna miss lepak buang masa after kerja..

Im gonna miss menyengal di communicator..

Im gonna miss  *speechless lah * ..

By the way, have you even had lobster yang besar gajah macam ni?

Yes? It's lobster for God sake! Siap dia ukir-ukir benda alah apa ntah, as the lobster container. And ada engrave Shell logo lagi at the front part. Hah. We had this at Marina Bay, Miri. Recommended. But service a bit slow. And the price? I have no idea because it was contractor's treat. Bliss :)

Past sentence: Yesterday was our first anniversary. But as expected, En MNI mmg tak hengat lah kan. Because we didnt have this proper declaration. We just go with the flow and suddenly it happened. We, ourselves didnt know when exactly we started being together. But being me, I always have a date in mind. Lets see next year cik abg aku ni hengat ke tidak. And oh, i read this once : guys are bad in remembering important dates.

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