Saturday, January 17, 2009



  1. Be willing to change

  2. Be honest to your partner

  3. Avoid competition between the two of you

  4. Both must compliment each other

  5. Avoid being possessive and selfish

  6. Be gentle, patient and loving

  7. Keep romance alive

  8. Say sorry if you have made a mistake

  9. Be supportive in whatever he/she does

  10. Have integrity and this will gain honour

  11. Be a good listener, pay attention and be open

  12. Give surprises as it adds tonic to the romance

  13. Cracking jokes helps to build cheerful relationship

  14. Never bring past problems and unpleasant incidents

  15. Develop compassion for your partner and yourself

  16. Know the likes and dislikes to shape relationship

  17. Exercise sweetness of speech and never use harsh words

  18. Treat your partner the way you would like to be treated

  19. Leave little notes to him/her when you miss each other

  20. Express appreciation by saying thank you even for everyday things

  21. Practise forgiveness as sometimes mistakes are done unintentionally


Rap said...

panjang lak checklist nih...

letih woi nak ikut....

crystalmerah said...

Ada betulnya list ini tahu.. Aku rasa laaa.Hekhek
Esok mkn kerepek lagi eh. Huuuhu.