Thursday, November 27, 2008


Read this: I am kinda emotional lately ini. Maka ialah harus bear with me.

Sometime I keep blaming myself when things are not well as what I've been wanting. Sometimes I blame the situation which I reckon causes the unwanted thingy to happen. I even blame my fate sometimes when I feel so down, low and all these mix of feelings bottled up and strain to every edge of my nerves.It's unavoidable; even I know it is not the bright way to handle it. In fact I often torture myself when I choose not to have anyone to whack the emotions with.

But still, I declare myself as strong and independent. Just because I could not admit the weakness inside me. Spank me on my face and I'll wake up realising that I'm not dreaming and hoping the bitterness will fade away.

God, keep me strong and alive.

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