Friday, August 8, 2008


No wonder people sometimes feel what they are doing is not what they have been wanting. Or they actually want to do this one thing, but at the same time other things are waiting for better attention. Or even worse, you have no choice but to take that one and only option.

Come on erin, you decide what you want.

Well, at this very moment, even though I'm enjoying myself on this rig, I could not let my mind out of the office work. Somehow, I've been kind of regretting that I could not go to office and I missed lots of things that I consider important, at least for myself. Lagi lah apabila aku membaca email dari senior aku ini tadi siang.


Thank for yr support

It was very fun & memorable. I've managed to present it and the massage was delivered properly and well understood. I think our paper is among the best paper and I received good feedback from participants. Mentioned by you, I got RM 200 Kunorkoniyo? voucher, I plan to give RM50 to Dr Nasir, You RM 50, and me heheheh RM100. Boleh tak? <-- Aku SANGAT nak attend workshop ini ok. I've been dying to present the paper because that is the opportunity and as a reward for us after working on the project bermati-matian selama setahun. I don't care much bout the voucher or whatnots of course. Tp bley tahan jugak senior aku ni, nak voucher lebey nampak. Haha.Tak kesah pun, nak amik suma pun I have no problem at all. He deserves it. Aku juga mendapat berita bahawa Assan juga present dengan bagus. Ada sedikit jeles di sini because I should be presenting jugak. Hoh. SIkit je jeles. Itu jeles sihat nama dia. Ehheh.

AGM (Acid Gas Capability Development Workshop)
The meeting will be held in this afternoon, the pack is now ready to be presented, very sad you are not here to check the pack :(, but pls feel free to ask me later, FYI, I've received the final FDP in softcopy, aku suruh budak OSR print-out and filing it. I plan to bring it this afternoon. <-- I almost forgot about the workshop. Gila betul aku nih. it's not easy to be in the Acid Gas Management group. And it is throughout the whole Petronas. First workshop aku sudah tidak menghadirkan diri, Apekah? And aku serta senior sepatutnya present on our final findings jugak masa workshop ini, Maka senior aku jugak yg present. At first, we agree if aku present for RETW, he'll be presenting for this workshop. Tapi in the end, aku stuck di offshore, and suma senior aku yg buat. I felt a bit guilty la actually, but he said that's ok. Ala dia mmg mcm itu. Gunung api meletup skali pun, dia ialah sangat cool dan bertenang. And he will never say NO. Jahat aku selalu taichi benda kepada senior aku ini. Huuu.

Nasi Berani Tikus
2moro, I'll belanja nasi berani tikus, ehhehe <-- Somehow aku suke betul la tajuk makanan ini. Sangat aneh dan menggelikan hati. Hahaha. Tak kesah pun lah kan tak mkn nasi beriani tikus ni esok, aku akan pau senior aku ni apabila aku pulang nanti. Ekekke. Dia dah bnyk kali pon banjer aku makan. Kesian dia. Aku utang dia skali makan jugak sebab aku dah janji to treat him after my PPA award ari tuh.



Begitulah ceritanya. If I were not offshore this week, I must be attending all the events. But cannot get everything at one go right, Sometimes you lose something to gain something. Tapi aku selalu macam nak wat suma benda, tapi tak berdaya tak cukup tangan and of course tak cukup masa, then asyik fikir, pastu pening kepala sendiri. It's a big no-no erin, mind ya.

Sudah. Sambung kerja.

Past Sentence : Did u realize its August 8th 2008? Chantekk tarikh ini. 08/08/08. Terus teringat kepada No'or yang ntah idup tidak tatau tidak ada berita dia pun. He must be cracking his heart out with this date.

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