Thursday, August 7, 2008


What's with people who are dependent on you?

What's up when you expect everything is properly planned and served to you?

What it is when you actually said you do not belong to the community and it's not the place for you?

What do you think of yourself when you almost give up for not being comfortable with people, but you actually ask for it without you realising it? Come on, do you expect people would come and greet you when you are a newbie?

Herm..I'm having a hard time with this guy. I can tell from his face, he did not allow himself to take full opportunity. I'm not saying I'm good 'ey that I already knew everything here. At least I know that I'm trying to get the most that I can and not to disappoint people around me. At least make people comfortable to talk and do not make those 'tak selesa-tak suka-i'm not supposed to be here-and whatnots' faces. You are just making reasons for people to diverge the positive thoughts out of you.

Sleepy. And the wind speed is 44 knots out there. Just a perfect time to have a really deep and nice sleep.


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