Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh I have got no chance to tell more on the baby core. It was quick after the offshore that I had to go off to Kuantan pula.

Anyhow, Im glad to say that the baby core was a total success. We got all the 27m section with 100% recovery! It was not easy I tell ya. Walaupun we lost the top of H15 sand by 1 m, but that is more that enough! I should be proud to be one of them who recovered the sand. Haha~! Nak jugak credit kan. Bluek.

And to my amazement, the baby smells oil!! That means pada section itu sememangnya ada oil untuk diproduce. Macam tak percaya~ The sands are so loose and I wonder how do they actually suck the oil out from those tiny miny pore space. Subhanallah.

By the way, these are the people involved.

BUt the true hero is this happy-go-lucky and the most helpful guy :) Sangat cool and he is a definite brilliant!

Ain't he cute? Sorry Encik MNI. Tiada niat apa-apa di sini ;) Awk tetap paling comel di ati sy :D

Aku ialah membuat kerja dgn gigih ok. Walaupun aku boss kat sana tau sebenanya ;p

Dan hasilnya.

Malaslah nak kata tu handwriting aku which is to be sent to the lab. Ehhe. Aku siap sign in one of the boxes. Kasihan erin. Berbangga dan gembira sugguh dia. Ey just to be honest; the success of getting core from this sand was really one of the proudest moment in my life. Coz I know the fact of how we did learn, contribute and how much effort we did put to achieve it. Thank You :)

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