Sunday, August 10, 2008

1402m - 1429m

I promise that I would never say bad things about geologists again. I would never say that they are so good in imagining things and whatever they are saying is 80% liar. Before this, I always doubt how they actually interpret the damn geological thingy which we absolutely do not know! Not until I saw how the geologists work with my very own eyes.

Oh my God. It was amazing.

I actually involved together with the geologists in all the procedures to cut core in H15 sand of Cendor-3A well. Starting from correlating data with offset wells - estimating the coring point - drilling - picking the coring point while they are drilling - stop the drilling - cut core !

And now the core section was completely cut and they are pulling out of hole. It's gonna be a VERY slow process with 5m per hour. They call it ROP : rate of penetration.

So, the core will probably out to surface at 5am tomorrow morning. I will definitely be on the rig floor to see the core comes out :)

I salute the wellsite geologist; Pak Agus, He acted very fast. Just imagine, while they are drilling the hole, Pak Agus had to correlate with the REAL TIME data and he has to decide on the spot where they should stop drilling. He was so cool while making the critical decision ok. Tak panic langsung. And he handled us; the juniors ini dengan hebat. Mendengar pandangan kami dan mengcompromise-kan kesemua pandangan kami dalam keputusannya. We felt appreciated lah kan of course. Macam itu lah baru betul. Not like some seniors yang tidak trust the younger ones.

And by the way, the core that we gonna see insyaAllah is 27meters long with the depth within 1402m to 1429m. I can't wait and am so freakin' excited :D

Persediaan melihat core: tidur sekarang dan bangun pada pukul 3 pagi. Pak Agus will wake us up to witness the core.

By the way, the chopper tomorrow is delayed from 7am to 4pm. I will overnyte in KB and back to KL with 645am flight on Monday.

Goodnyte. Aku tido mimpi core malam ni. Cooorreeeeee~

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