Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The way he brings himself. Makes me respect him and see him as part of me. I don't know why but that is how I feel. Even though sometime I feel a bit inferior, but I guess that is what a woman supposed to have. Tidak melebihi the other half (lelaki lah) so that we could be with him with full of respect.

Tidak seperti dulu, aku lebih dominant dari NHY. Aku yg akan plan semua benda. Aku yang akan bagi cadangan. Aku yg bagi options. Aku yang bagi solutions. Aku yang selesaikan masalah. Aku juga yang buat decisions.Itu membuatkan aku lost respect. Mungkin niat dia baik which nak bagi aku lebih on semua benda and serahkan everything to me. Tapi bagi aku,that is not how it should work. But I did not deny, he did treat me nice though. And bukan itu main reason we broke off. Aku tak pernah salahkan sesiapa dlm hal kami. Ok cukup. It's over. Fullstop.

With him, everything is different. When he talks, he talks with knowledge. When he makes promises, he walks his words. When he decides, he decides with confidence. When he says he loves me, I could feel my heart beats.

I heart him, Enuff said.

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