Monday, June 16, 2008


I was smiling the other day. And I am still smiling today =) Love is in the air. Enuff said.

He came back on Thursday morning. I felt blessed, complete. Period.

We were chit-chatting on Friday evening and I came up asking him whether or not he's going back to his hometown. And his answer flattened me out.

"Sy nak ajak awk pegi Bukit Tinggi esok."

Whee! Sememangnye aku flattered pd ketika itu. But buat muka tak pecaya, padahal aku tau he is serious even though dia akan terketawa-ketawa semasa becakap. Macam masa dia bgth dia nak balik. Memang aku tak pecaya, tp dia betol-betol balik :)

So there we went, spent the weekend, and it was great. The scenery is awesome , cuma akan betambah fantastic if the weather could be colder. Ini macam dekat KL je panasnya.

Whatever it is, yang penting aku terawangan.

Thanx a lot awk. I really appreciate that :) And I'm looking forward for our next vacation. Ehehe.

Now that he's gone. Way at the Borneo island, And i can't deny myself, that I start to miss him so badly already.

I am counting the days, for his next coming back.

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